What if we approached our sessions as a ceremony rather than a “photoshoot?” What if we treated this as  something sacred? Everlasting moments that we can write into existence with our camera as it unfolds before us. 

I am here to open my heart to you and share how I cultivate emotion, harnessing light to magnify storytelling and connection, and how to create a safe space with your clients to allow for these moments to bloom. Intentionally navigating through sessions to create art, to inspire your clients to be vulnerable, and leave with your hearts full every time.


The Artist Immersion: 

An extended 4-6 week mentorship program with weekly one hour meetings held via zoom. This immersive program is for the photographer ready to transform their work into emotion-driven art through self discovery, intuitive growth, and empowering your full potential as an artist. Each week we will cover a different topic, designed around your personal needs and desired areas of growth. As creatives, we continually pour into others around us and so often we forget that we need to pour into ourselves as well. I created the Artist Immersion with the goal in my heart to share with others how we can fill ourselves up, nourish our creative minds, and in turn give our clients more than just artistic photos – but an experience they will remember forever. This program also includes exclusive access to my RAE Toolkit, and RAE presets.

Other mentorship options include: 

-One-on-one in person mentorships 

-90 minute zoom mentorship