Creating art through photography has given me the healing I have searched my entire life for. 

I lost my mother at a very young age, and I have very few photos of her and I together. It was by a true divine guide that in the midst of photographing mothers, I began to search for the ways I remember my own. Fingertips tracing across skin, the way the sunlight dances in the strands of your hair, eyes when they close for a breath, the way your children gaze at you, their entire world – rests in yours arms. I relentlessly sought out ways to bring these moments to life in my sessions, years of learning how to create connections that are authentic – not forced. I see our time together as a sacred ceremony, my camera a tool for connection, here to document you in moments of deep presence.

Motherhood is fragile and fleeting, often times messy and raw. But it is also an all-consuming love that transcends space and time. The void of my own mother has magnified the way I feel the essence of the mothers in front of me. Moments so delicate they are often missed if we aren’t acutely aware of them. Come with your bare bones. Your wild babies. Stand, sun drenched in golden light together, vulnerable and open. Allow me to illuminate all that is magic, woven from the fabric of the love that you are. I don’t want to stage you camera-ready to feel beautiful; I am here to remind you what you already know deep inside – Mama, you are glorious. 

I live for this deeply feeling, creative life. I chase it with devotion of all that I am. The stories I have the privilege to tell that will echo out into eternity as art. I want to bring your love to life when you see your photographs. We are on this earth to live in our imperfect humanness, to bring forth our softness, our sweetness, the parts of us that are wonderfully and recklessly divine.

I can only hope I continue to be worthy of this craft. Worthy of listening to your stories, of speaking my truth, and shining a light on your love with our time together.

Located in the heart of Tucson, Arizona.