I picked up a camera to be able to work from home with our children, but I quickly discovered that this craft was giving me the healing I had searched my entire life for. Photography has become my saving grace, and where my words fall short to tell you – my photos will show you. “Taking photos” became creating art, each of my clients a painting, poetically telling their story and simultaneously healing parts of mine. I harnessed this creative life, allowing these stories to echo out into the universe through the photos you see on my page. Being an artist is endlessly sharing your deepest passions and your most hidden wounds with the world. I want to show what it means to be fully human, fully alive.  When the dust of every day life washes away and we are stripped bare, all we have left to give is love. We are here to live, to bring forth our softness, our sweetness, the parts of us that are wonderfully and recklessly divine. To give this world a loving energy so strong that it will stretch out and touch generations. I can only hope I continue to be worthy of this craft. Worthy of listening to your stories, of speaking my truth, and reminding people how lucky we are just to be alive and to know love.

Located in the heart of Tucson, Arizona.